Meet MAXX FIT GOLF Clubmaker Les McBride

My overwhelming passion for the game has led me on a life-long crusade to properly custom fit each and every customer with the absolute best possible golf clubs that perform and feel great!

In the early 90’s I was using PowerBuilt Citation irons, One day, I broke the shaft on the 5 Iron and had it replaced by the local golf retailer who said he was going to put True Temper Dynamic Gold in it. He then asked me if I wanted a regular or stiff flex. “Stiff …I guess?”

I dreaded having to pull that club out of the bag after the re-shaft. It felt awful! The trajectory was lower …I lost distance …I had zero confidence with it in my hands, but it intrigued me enough to find out why this was happening!

I enrolled in a three-day course at the world-renowned golf club designer Ralph Maltby’s Golfworks facilities in Newark, Ohio. The curriculum consisted of Clubmaking and Assembly, Club Head Design and Fitting.

Diploma in hand, I left Newark with a plethora of knowledge and a newfound commitment to pursuing a lifetime in the golf industry. After a few years practicing and honing my skills, as well as continuously upgrading my knowledge base, I decided it was time to take the next step.

The certified Class “A” Clubmaker designation from The Professional Clubmakers Society, a highly recognized entity for having the highest standards and requirements for accreditation in the clubmaking industry, fast became my next goal. And, in February 1996, I achieved it … distinguishing and separating myself, from all the hobbyists out there.

Flashback to the Citation 5i. It turns out that the original shaft was an “R” flex variable flight model weighting 118 grams. No wonder the re shafted 5i felt so different ! Why would the repair guy tell me he was putting in a DGS300 shaft ? This shaft was the total opposite of what I had ! This scenario shows that custom fitting, attention to detail and experience would have prevented this very common occurrence.