I have heard that custom golf clubs aren’t as good as well-known brand names like TayorMade, PING and Callaway. Is this true?

Not at all! MAXXFIT custom fitted golf clubs uses the highest quality component manufacturers, the same companies producing them for the name brand ones. The difference is the finished product is totally customized to your unique set of specifications that were established with the custom fitting process. Golfers swear by MAXXFIT GOLF’s dedication to quality and excellence in both product and customer service.

Are custom golf clubs more expensive than top quality brands?

Custom golf clubs are comparable in quality to top of the line brands. The  fact that we have to establish what it is you actually need through the custom fitting fitting process is what separates us from the retail brands. Do not be fall victim to the cookie cutter brand of fitting used by the retailers.

Custom golf club pricing is reasonable when you consider the mark-up costs of popular brand names that must account for distribution costs, profit margins, advertising and the big one, endorsement money, not necessarily the quality of the club.

The set make up and your desire to upgrade your grips and shafts will increase the cost. Having said that, brand name clubs cannot provide sub flexes, 3/8th of an inch incrimination between lengths, a different shaft weight, frequency matching or a multitude of other customization areas that bolster game play. The benefit of custom fitting really becomes an added bonus both on the course and in your pocket.

Does MAXXFIT GOLF offer golf club repair services as well?

Yes. MAXXFIT GOLF offers all golf club repair services for both clubs we’ve created as well as others. Please visit our “Repairs/Regrip/Reshaft” page for more details.