Custom Golf Clubs

Truly custom fitted golf clubs deliver superior comfort and performance over traditional store bought brands. We use the very sophisticated FLIGHT SCOPE X2 launch monitor system witch delivers a plethora of custom fitting data that is used to make common sense decisions in determining your personal specs.

With 22 specifications to consider on each club, it’s no wonder more and more golfers are turning to true custom fitted golf clubs to ensure the best possible combination of heads, grips, shafts and assembly that guarantees consistency throughout the entire set.

Anyone who’s ever bought golf clubs knows that finding the right equipment is largely about research, word-of-mouth, and trial and error. Buying custom golf clubs, however, takes the guess work out of the equation and puts the decision back to where it needs to be: on the unique components of the club and the physical mechanics of your swing.

Discover the MAXXFIT custom golf club advantage and find out how you can take your game to the next level!