MAXX Fit Custom Golf Club Advantage

At MAXXFIT GOLF we take custom golf club fitting seriously. There is an art and science to every club we build and the custom golf club fitting process begins with you!

Does your local golf store frequency match or MOI match your clubs? Do they test every club or just one of them when doing a lie test? If you decided you wanted, or needed, a specific shaft at a particular frequency or sub-flex, could they or would they do it?

Certified Class “A” Clubmaker, Les McBride, understands that custom golf club fitting is more than just an equipment purchase. It’s about getting to know you, your needs and your game. MAXXFIT GOLF prides itself on creating a top-notch, service-focused environment where your game not only benefits from our expertise but our experience as well.

The MAXXFIT custom golf club advantage guarantees your satisfaction with every single club you buy. If it doesn’t work for you out on the links, MAXX FIT GOLF will work with you to get it right!
Some of our custom golf club services include:

  • Golf club repairs and alterations
  • Golf club lie/loft adjustment
  • Putter fitting
  • Wedge fitting
  • Driver fitting
  • Slope frequency fitting
  • Refitting of new and existing brand name clubs
  • Blue printing
  • Ball fitting

Think custom clubs are right for you? Learn more about the MAXXFIT custom golf club fitting process.