Kid’s Golf Club Rental

Take your kids to the course this season and introduce them to the great game of golf!

  • From ages 4 to 14+
  • Packages available
  • Left and Right handed sets

Ensure a positive experience by keeping them interested and involved with customized golf equipment they can really use! Older and heavier clubs that have simply been cut down and not sized properly for length, lie and weight will leave your little Tiger frustrated in no time struggling to hit the ball.

MAXXFIT GOLF’s junior rental program is designed to ensure your kids get a great head start on developing a genuine love and appreciation for the game. A rental fee plus deposit is all that is required to get your young one on the fast track to becoming the next Ricky Fowler or Brooke Henderson! At the end of the rental period, simply return the clubs and collect your deposit. Get in on this very economical way to introduce your child to the game of golf. Contact us for more information about our Kid’s Golf Club Rental program!